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We can arrange for the annual M.O.T. test to be carried out on your vehicle, the cost is 48.00.

There is no retest fee to pay if the vehicle fails as long as it is rectified within ten days.

There are plenty of garages that offer discounted M.O.T. tests but be aware they may charge for small adjustments, (bulb fitting, headlamp adjustments etc) something we never do.*

Take into consideration the garages labour costs before deciding where to take your vehicle. you may save a few pounds on the M.O.T. fee but pay much more for it to be rectified if it fails!

The M.O.T. test can be carried out up to a month in advance of its expiry date, the new one would then run for up to thirteen months.

* Unless there is extensive work required, removing bumpers to fit bulbs for example.