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Our Pricing

Vehicle manufacturers provide a comprehensive list of repair times for almost every mechanical repair operation on their model range,
these "times" are generally the time it takes for a competent technician with the proper tools and skills to complete the job.

We always price our jobs on these times multiplied by our hourly rate,
(44.00 + V.A.T.), for example, the time given to replace a water pump on a 2003 model Vauxhall Astra 1.6 16 valve is 1.40 (one hour and twenty four minutes,
the times are in decimal hours) so the labour cost involved would be 61.60 + V.A.T.

On rare occasions the jobs can take longer due to seized components etc. and we will add this extra time involved.

If you would like to provide your own parts we are happy for you to do so.
We would advise it is extreamly unwise to use certain parts i.e. recon clutches, poor quality electric parts etc.
We are happy to advise you further